Theresa Shampine

Ms Shampine has been a part of SOF since 2001. She has enjoyed teaching and choreographing at Steps of Faith for over sixteen years, and worked as our Ballet Mistress during much of that time.

Theresa is originally from Syracuse, New York and was a scholarship student at The Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet. She is a graduate of Mercy Hurst College, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Dance.

Professionally, she has danced with the Erie Ballet Theatre, Charleston Ballet Theatre, and The Georgia Ballet where she enjoyed being a featured dancer. She is one of the featured choreographers in years past of the SOF Nativity production.

We are thrilled that she will be returning in 2017 as our Ballet Mistress in addition to her teaching schedule.

She has one daughter, Zella, and lives with her husband Jack in Canton.