Available Classes

We offer a large variety of classes for ages 2 on up to adult. Review the class descriptions below to learn more. You can visit any one of our classes free for a day to learn if it is the right fit for you. Call or Visit Today!


A new class designed to introduce movement to the youngest of dancers and their favorite adult! 30 minutes (Child age 2-3)


Especially designed to expand motor skills of younger students by developing coordination and self-expression through simple dance movements and songs. 45 minutes (Ages 3-4)

 Pre Ballet/Tap

An introduction to the technique in ballet and tap, while still developing motor skills, rhythm and coordination. 1 hour (Ages 4-6)

 Ballet Prep

An introduction to the formal study of Ballet for our younger dancers. 45 minutes (Ages 6-8)


Complete classical training emphasizing proper technique and development. Praise expressions are also introduced in the choreography. (Ages 7 and up)

*Ballet is the most beneficial form of dance for the body placement and is the best foundation for all other dance forms. Students are not required to take ballet, however, it is highly recommended that any student wishing to improve technique and move on to advance classes have this essential instruction.


Advance technique taught for ages 12 and over with at least two years ballet experience. Requires staff approval.

 Karinas Class

A class in ballet and creative movement for those kids with special needs and a desire to express themselves through movement! 30-45 minutes (Ages 5 and up). *Spring Costume fees are paid for due to grants received by Cartersville Service League! (a ministry of SOFDCinc.)


An exciting and free form of dance. It is great for flexibility and extension. (Ages 7 and up).


An upbeat, fun, all-American favorite! It is excellent for rhythm as well as toning and strengthening the legs! (Ages 4 and up).

 Hip Hop

An aerobic funk style of dance, reminiscent of music videos, and Disney's Shake It Up. Great for muscle and aerobic exercise! (6-8 year olds)

 Musical Theater

A dance class specifically designed for those interested in broadway style dancing and the musical theatre arts. Original Broadway choreography is taught. Musical Theatre music is used. (ages 8 and up)


A free and expressive form of dance for experienced dancers (Ages 11 and up).


Movement similar to what you see on So You Think You Can Dance. Lyrical and full-body movement. This class will make you sweat!! (ages 10 and up)


Learn the latest in ballroom and latin dancing! Limited space. A partner is recommended. (Ages 14-Adult). Come learn social dances, such as the Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, Swing, Rumba, and Cha-Cha, just to name a few!

This class is set up as an eight week workshop.


After offering Pilates class to our companies for the past few years, we are now offering open and adult versions of the class meant to strengthen your core and tone your body.

What To Wear For Class

All students are required to wear appropriate dance wear to class (no jeans and no costumes). All female students need a class-designated leotard (not supplied) for minimal distraction in class as well as for uniformity for class/small performances.

Hair must be in a bun for all ballet classes and pulled away from the face for all other classes.

SEE BELOW for your designated attire. You will have the option of style choices.

  • Pre Ballet
  • Ballet
  • Ballet/Tap
  • Tap
  • Jazz & Hip-Hop
  • Musical Theater
  • Modern & Contemporary
  • Pilates/Adult Ballet Barre
  • Company Ballet
Pink leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes, NO SKIRTS for Ballet Prep.
Class assigned leotard for preschoolers and children, solid color leotard for teens and adults, pink footed or convertible tights, leather or canvas (not nylon) pink ballet shoes. NO SKIRTS for Ballet Prep, Ballet 1, and all company ballet classes.
Lght blue leotard, with pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.
Solid colored leotard or unitard, tights, black tap shoes (ribbon tie for ages 4-10; tan colored character or black jazz tap shoes for older students). (Advanced tap class with Ms.Julie needs tan character shoes with taps with 1.5 inch heels) Adult students wear comfortable clothing.
Loose fitting, modest clothing, (no jeans/khakis) black jazz or dance sneakers, or sneakers for HipHop
Middle/High: tan character shoes (prefer 1.5 inches) and jazz clothing (leotard and loose fitting pants). Jazz shoes are fine for Beg. class
Solid colored leotard, pink tights, bare feet.
Comfortable yet form fitting clothes. Please no short shorts. An exercise mat is required for Pilates.
Assigned leotard with pink comfortable tights. No booty shorts without tights, please. Biker shorts must be midthigh or longer. Coverups may be worn for rehearsals only.